Empowering Justice-Impacted 

Individuals through Digital-Skills Career 

Technical Education & Certification

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According to The Bureau of Justice study, there is a 43% reduction in recidivism rate for those prisoners who participate in post-secondary education programs while incarcerated. 

Join us and impact our communities and the world through Education

Subject Matter Experts
Target Prisons
29 in California

>2,000 Nationwide

 Potential Learners Yearly
6,000 in California
120,000 Nationwide

Driven by Excellence

Our teachers are selected among the top subject-matter=experts (SMEs) in their domains. Some are university professors, and many are industrial high-tech professionals:
lecturers, developers, and project managers working effectively in their fields of excellence.

Driven by Ideals

A review by the Department of Policy Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles found that for every $1 invested in prison education, taxpayers save $4-$5 in re-incarceration costs.

What makes HopeAi different

Our leading-edge Subject=Matter-Experts (SMEs) guide the learners with structured remote video sessions to successfully complete the industry recognized digital-skills certifications from top-tier high-tech companies, including Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Adobe, to optimize their reskilling and integration into society resulting in better public safety.

The campus

Our core team has a wealth of technology experience in the Silicon Valley with leading high-tech companies, including Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Alphabet (Google), Intel, IBM, Meta (Facebook), and Microsoft as well as university professors.

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Partnerships & Programs

By completing courses developed by leading high-tech companies, including  Cisco, Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM.

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