Empowering Justice Impacted 

Individuals through Digital-Skills Career 

Technical Education & Certification

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According to The Bureau of Justice study, there is a 43% reduction in recidivism rate for those prisoners who participate in post-secondary education programs while incarcerated. 

Join us and impact our communities and the world through Education

Subject Matter Experts
Target Prisons
30 in California

2,000 Nationwide

 Potential Students 
6,000 in California
120,000 Nationwide

Driven by Excellence

Our teachers are selected among the top subject-matter=experts (SMEs) in their domains. Some are university professors, and many are industrial high-tech professionals:
lecturers, developers, and project managers working effectively in their fields of excellence.

Driven by Ideals

A review by the Department of Policy Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles found that for every $1 invested in prison education, taxpayers save $4-$5 in re-incarceration costs.

What makes HopeAi different

Our leading-edge Subject=Matter-Experts (SMEs) guide the learners with structured remote video sessions to successfully complete the industry recognized digital-skills certifications from top-tier high-tech companies, including Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Adobe, to optimize their reskilling and integration into society resulting in better public safety.

The campus

Our core team has a wealth of technology experience in the Silicon Valley with leading high-tech companies, including Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Alphabet (Google), Intel, IBM, Meta (Facebook), and Microsoft as well as university professors.

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Partnerships & Programs

By completing courses developed by leading high-tech companies, including  Cisco, Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM.

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